This page illustrates the simple instructions that allow to consult catalogue of the Eighty One.

On the menu to right to cliccare on " It catalogues B2B" in order to visualize l' directory of catalogues

Eighty One available.

To select the catagolo of Your interest in order to consult the list of the products in silver in it contained.



The list of the products contained in every catalogue is classified for Category, Family, Line, etc so as to allow

a easy research between thousands of present articles.


For every Category can exit more Families. For every Family more Lines and so on.

Choosing a Category the Families of that Category, the Lines of that Family will polulate themselves and so on.

The list of the products will vary consequently.

Click on the small arrow to the right of the name in order to expand l' directory of the classifications available.


   If one has been interested to having information on determined products to dull the field " Selected Items "             (if present).

The number total of selected articles comes up visualized on the bar of the " Send Inoformation request ".


The selected articles remain stored and are therefore possible to continue the consultation changing

Category, Family, Line, etc

Click on the push-button " Demanded shipment Informations" , the list of all is obtained the articles selected previously from which it is possible to eliminate articles not more interesting.

Moreover from the same page you can send the demand to us for having greater regarding information

the selected articles: price, weight, length, width and type of plating.

It will be ours hurries to grant your request fast as possible time. We remain to Your complete diposal

for every detail or technical support.